Finally a game that kids will like that gives them life experience as they compete with other kids around the world!

Parents, teachers and all adults will want you to play this game and will reward you for doing so.

Just imagine - a game that helps you succeed in life that is loved by all adults around you.

We have become the engine behind the following learning initiatives around the world that are motivating kids to learn critical life skills without the need for teaching or classroom time.

Kids from around the world (with their families) play and work together as teams and learn critical life skills such as Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Character and many other 21st century skills.

Compete with your peers around the world in many different learning games

Create many different things in the factories that can sell to other kids

Start many different kinds of businesses and learn how create wealth

Trade and sell in an economy that has been created by kids around the world

This is the game that has been created to help you become successful. This is technology that is doing good around the world. Motivating kids to learn great things online, but also get away from the screen and accomplish great things in the real world.